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Our Unique Membership Process


You must be a club member to register for and participate in our rides. You may either purchase $65 worth of WCCC custom club kit items (shorts, bibs, short sleeve jerseys, long sleeve jerseys, etc.) OR pay a simple fee of $35 to become a member.

Buying WCCC custom kit is the fun way to become a member. If you purchase $65 in WCCC club kit, you get quality cycling clothing at a discount price and can enjoy the team feeling when riding with your fellow club members. Alternatively, you may join by paying a simple fee of $35 which can be done any time during the calendar year.

It's your choice - buy WCCC club kit while the purchasing window is open OR pay the fee.  Just select the respective membership type during the membership process. 

Not sure you’re ready to join? Want to try a ride before you decide? We offer a one month trial membership at no charge, just select the “Trial” membership type. If you're looking for the Westchester Cycle Club in Westchester, NY, please visit them here.

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The primary kit purchase window is open every year for new and renewing members typically in the first half of November. During this time you can purchase clothing from our partner Voler who offers our club everything you could possibly need to wear while cycling, all customized with our WCCC design and logos. Current members who renew by purchasing $65 in kit during the November kit window will also qualify for a rebate of typically $25, which means that every time you renew by buying kit your total membership cost is only $40. It’s an outstanding deal!

When you purchase kit during the November window, your membership starts on the date of purchase and continues until the end of the following year. For example, a purchase in November, 2023 provides membership from the day of purchase until December 31, 2024.

The club also opens the kit purchasing window in the spring and summer of each year for people who need additional items or decide later to join the club. When you join the club by purchasing kit in the spring/fall or by paying the fee, your membership lasts until the last day of the current year. For example, kit purchased in March 2024 provides membership until December 31, 2024.

Important Note: Please plan ahead as it may take a day or two to process your membership application. Please be patient. Any issues can be directed to